private boat charters.

Here at CocoVibes, we offer private custom boat charters tailored to your perfect day on the water. We prioritize fun, knowledge, and safety; making every charter an opportunity to "free up yourself" (local dialect for let loose), learn about Antigua from a local perspective, and relax knowing you're in great hands.

Secluded beaches, offshore islands, snorkeling, and so much more. Experience the best vibes Antigua has to offer.

free up yourself.

phrase. origin: Caribbean.

1. A permission slip to liberate oneself from their mental pressures and self-judgments, and behave in a way that feels natural; unrestrained joy, curiosity, expression in life. 2. An invitation to be comfortable in your own skin, do what you feel like without worry, and live candidly.


What our guests are saying

Purpose AND play. CocoVibes mission to impact our community and our envrionment is equally as important as providing the best day of your vacation.

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